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Upcoming Events


Cubs & Boy Scouts
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Troop 224 and their associated Cub pack meets


Bible Study
9:30 AM
Everyone is invited to come and join in this prayer filled fellowship and to study God's word.
6:00 PM
Youth Choir
6:00 PM
Young people are invited to participate in learning new song selections to perform.
Family Night
6:30 PM
Come join in the fellowship of this covered dish supper. There will good food, a good time, and great fellowship. Everyone is welcome!
7:15 PM
Choir meets to prepare for upcoming Sundays and special presentations


Quilting Group - Experienced or Novice are welcome
9:30 AM
Come and join this group of dedicated quilters in the Thrift Building who are currently making quilts for Methodist Children's Home.


Cubs & Boy Scouts
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Troop 224 and their associated Cub pack meets
Bible Search
Brunswick, GA

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WELCOME to Lakeside United Methodist Church Online!  



Our VISION is to be a community of Christian believers that is growing in the likeness of Christ, actively involved in the local work of the ministry, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and working by the grace of the Son to glorify the Father in every way.  

Our MISSION is to be a Church that is GLOBAL in its vision, BIBLICAL in its teaching, CHRIST-CENTERED in its worship, and PEOPLE-ORIENTED in its ministries.



JOIN US  at Lakeside UMC 

"A Good Place to Meet God and Friends."  

           We invite you to worship with us this Sunday.


                                                             “ONLY TODAY”


                                        Help me to place in Thy hands today

                                                  The things that my heart most fears:

                                        Tomorrow’s anguish and bitter pain,

                                                  Tomorrow’s sorrow and tears,

                                        The long, long years, and the loneliness,

                                                 The silence, the vacant chair.

                                        The grief of today is enough dear Lord,

                                                 But tomorrow’s I cannot bear!


                                        Ease Thou my burden and lighten my load,

                                                Till only today is left.

                                        Soft comes His voice in the hush of my soul,

                                                 “Oh, broken heart, and bereft,

                                        My grace is sufficient for thee TODAY;

                                                 Pillow upon My breast

                                        Thy weary hand, in My circling arms

                                                Today thou shalt find rest.


                                        Today I can meet thine every need,

                                               Today My love can fill

                                        The echoing chambers of thy heart.

                                               Then rest thee, and be still.

                                        Be still and trust—tomorrow’s tears

                                               May all be wiped away

                                        By God Himself.  O grieving heart,

                                               Thy Lord may come today!”

                                                                           —Martha Snell Nicholson







Contact Us  
Lakeside United Methodist Church
5572 New Jesup Hwy.
Brunswick, Georgia 31523
Telephone: 912-265-3162
Fax: 912-265-3508
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Regular Schedule  
  • 8:30 AM
    Sunday Worship Services
  • 9:45 AM
    Sunday School
  • 11:00 AM
    Sunday Worship Services
  • 5:00 PM
    Jr. UMYF (UMC Youth Fellowship)
  • 6:00 PM
    Bible Study
  • 6:00 PM
    Cub Scouts
  • 7:00 PM
    Boy Scouts
  • 9:30 AM
    Prayer and Share
  • 6:00 PM
    Sr. UMYF (UMC Youth Fellowship)
  • 7:00 PM
    Choir Practice
  • Ladies Quilting Club
Administrative Board

The Administrative Board meeting originally scheduled for Sunday, January 18, will be held on Sunday, January 25, at 6:00pm.  Members, please note the change.

Family Night Supper

On Wednesday evening, January 28, at 6:30, Family Night Supper will be held at the church.  Please bring several dishes to share.

Winter Camp Meeting at Epworth

Winter Camp Meeting at Epworth will begin on Sun., Feb. 8, at 5:30pm with a dinner and followed by a message from Bishop James R. King, Jr. at 7:00pm.  A schedule of events through Wed., Feb. 11, and a registration form can be picked up from the vestibule table.  Please make your plans to be a part of this very worshipful experience.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee will meet on Tuesday evening, February 10, at 6:00.  Members, please attend.


On Tuesday, February 10, at 6:00pm, Lakeside's Men's Group will meet together for a meal and fellowship.  Stay tuned for specifics.


The United Methodist Women will meet on Tuesday evening, February 10, at 6:30 at the church.  Ladies, you have a special invitation to share in the great fellowship.

Administrative Board

The Administrative Board will meet on Sunday, February 15, at 6:00pm.  Members are encouraged to be here.

Ash Wednesday Service

On Wednesday, February 18, at 6:30pm, there will be an Ash Wednesday service.  Please make plans to be a part of this worshipful time.

Seniors Night Out

On Thursday, February 19, at 6:00pm.  Specifics will follow.

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